Once upon a time, we ate from the ground up, not the box down. Food was a source of nourishment, not a cause of disease. As time has passed, things have changed. Our food quality has diminished and so has our health as a nation. We are the sickest we have ever been and, as a result of our inactivity and poor sources of nutrition, our bodies are hormonally corrupt and nutrient deficient.

    Dollar menus and highly processed foods have replaced our local farmers and ranchers. This vicious cycle has left us broke, unhappy and unhealthy. It's time to turn back the clock and take back control of our nutrition and, ultimately, our lives.

    As a company, Custom Fit Meals is more than just a meal service. It’s a source of hope - hope that you can trust a company to care about your health, to select the highest quality ingredients, and to give you the ability to take back control of your life, one meal at a time. We didn’t invent quality nutrition; we simply decided to stand behind it!


    Our service is based on the premise of "clean" eating. This begins with a foundation of fresh, natural ingredients that are nutrient-dense and unprocessed. We make our meals from scratch twice per week using the highest quality ingredients we can find. All of our meats are USDA-certified All Natural, hormone- and antibiotic-free. Our beef is grass-fed Angus, our poultry is cage-free, our pork is pastured, and our produce is sourced locally and organic as often as possible. We only partner with ranchers that treat their animals humanely and feed them correctly.

    We believe that eating the right foods can help you achieve fat loss, boost your metabolism, balance your body hormonally, and ultimately improve the quality of your life. Our goal is to make it easy and affordable for you to do this. Our unmatched variety of meal selections allows you to personalize your menu to fit your goals and lifestyle. This gives you the convenience you want, the portion control you need, and the quality of ingredients you deserve - all at an affordable price. Eat Clean. Live Better.

No Contracts. No Commitments. Just Results!

Real Food + Protein = True Nutrition

The truth is, most protein bars today are simply candy bars in disguise.  Though marketed as “Healthy”, they are full of fillers, sugar alcohols and other unnatural ingredients. To make matters worse, most companies add unhealthy preservatives and chemicals to their bars, just to give them a longer shelf life.

NOT OUR BAR!  We make our bars from scratch using a nutritious mixture of nuts, dried fruit, oats, a high quality protein, honey, and molasses - all in balanced combinations.  Oh, by the way - did we mention that it TASTES FREAKIN’ AWESOME?! So try one today and TASTE THE DIFFERENCE.

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